Monday, 26 September 2011

How we can protect our mind from negative thoughts ???

"Guard your thoughts carefully because your thoughts create your reality."  Do you have locks on your doors to keep intruders out, or keep your money in a bank or a safe for safe keeping? Perhaps you even have a guard dog to protect your property from those who would trespass with intention of robbing you. Most people carry important documents and/or cash and credit cards in a place where it cannot be easily accessed by anyone but themselves.   My question is how do you protect your mind from thoughts that can be far more damaging to you than loosing a wallet or your silverware? If you ever stopped to really listen and be aware of all the damaging thoughts that you let into your mind each day...actually, each hour, it would amaze you.   For example: "you can't do that; you'll never get that raise; watch out for George, he is a pain in the (you know what); the boss is mean to everyone; Susan wants your job and will get you fired if you let her; you can't go into business for'll fail; most new businesses don't make it beyond a year; Cindy doesn't like anyone, best you avoid her; you'll get caught in traffic and will never make your appointment on time; success is for other people, not people like us."   Have you ever heard any of those things? They're among the less damaging ones we're subjected to every day. While we claim we know our own minds and no one can change the way we'd be surprised. Little by little damaging, self defeating tidbits have a way of seeping in unless we have a built in shield to guard against them.   If, for whatever reason, you already have self-sabotaging thoughts in your mind, GET RID OF THEM! Do whatever it takes to entertain only success oriented thoughts. Trust me when I tell you that believing in yourself, believing good things about yourself, and refusing to even hear self-defeating words is the path to success.   While it may sound easier said than done, I refuse to hear the word no and I know that nothing is impossible. I said absolutely nothing. If you're sitting there saying to yourself, "such and such is impossible" believe me, it's only impossible because you believe it is.
Believe that all things are possible and they will become possible for you!

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